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Arrange an advanced booking for our Freelance Trainer to assist with your delivery needs. Supporting welfare to work, training providers, and career support organisations.

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Welcome to Enhancing Aspirations

Providing quality, engaging, soft skills training that enhances the ambitions and aspirations of individuals to gain sustainable employment and for career development.

Do you need a soft skills freelance trainer to deliver courses for your organisation?

Are you seeking freelance resources to complement your existing workforce?

Are you look for a trainer that can deliver fun, interactive and engaging sessions?

Are you looking for a trainer to work with your organisation during an interim period?


We can provide an experienced Freelance Work Skills Trainer to deliver sessions on behalf of your organisation. Your staff can then concentrate on other tasks towards achieving your business objectives.

Our trainer is highly skilled with an exceptional style of delivery using a holistic approach.

Learners not only find sessions to be engaging and fun; but feel more motivated, have improved confidence, and most of all, a sense of achievement.

We deliver either your own ‘readily prepared’ content or we can develop coursework that is suitable your clients while catering for all learing styles.

Introduction to Customer Service

An excellent course that gives learners the necessary customer service skills to go “above and beyond” in whatever industry they choose to work.

Business and Administration

Business administration is involved many types of positions and duties. This course gives you the learners the knowledge needed to enhance or prove their skills within the highly competitive administration world.

Employability Skills

An ideal course for anybody looking to effectively market themselves with a high-performance CV, latest job search techniques and winning interview skills.

Confidence and Motivation Workshop

Our workshop enables learners to be more motivated and engage  with people while developing their communication skills, managing upwards and how to give constructive and useful feedback.

CV & Cover Letter Writing

Learners benefit from this workshop by understanding how to produce a CV and covering letter that will attract an employers attention, create a good first impression, and present their skills and qualities clearly and concisely .

Job Application & Interview Skills

Learners get to understand the importance of goal setting, various ways of job hunting, how to write a  winning application form, how to correctly prepare for an interview and gain improved interview techniques.

Enhancing Aspirations holistic style of training will inspire, empower and motivate your clients to take the steps needed to gain sustainable employment and for career development.

Enhancing Aspirations can deliver your already prepared course content, or we can create a non accredited course for our trainer to deliver to your clients

Enhancing Aspirations can work with your organisation on a freelance or associate basis.”


What Learners Say

“I can’t thank Jamil enough for all the hard work and support he puts in to every session. He always gives 100% and makes the learning fun and relaxing. He has been the only person who has been able to bring me out of my shell and bring out the confidence in me. I have met some lovely people on these course and that’s all down to Jamil’s techniques to get people talking and working together.

Thank you again 🙂



“I had a wonderful experience being tutored by Jahmil Gloster recently. The man is an inspiration. I left my course with a greater understanding of where my life will be taking me. I felt stronger as a person and realised I have it all within me to succeed in life. It was Jahmils way of tutoring that made me feel this. He brings out your best abilities in such a short time and helps you understand your moral and ethical stand on life. For anyone who has the pleasure of working with Jahmil, enjoy.


“Jahmil is a very inspirational coach. He has helped my life find direction and helped me succeed. Before Jahmil was my employment advisor I had grew tired of the typical, patronising career advisors and started to give up hope on finding work. Jahmil clearly sees helping people as way more of a ‘job’ but something he dearly cares about and his approach is fun and personal. I am so thankful that with his help, he stopped me from giving up and pushed me to believe in myself…so much that I now have 2 jobs and am starting training for my dream career as a Makeup Artist in September. I would wish that everyone would get to meet this man and I could guarantee they would go far and do great things in life.”

Amber Chouings

“During my time with Jahmil I learnt a lot about life from my peers and Jahmil. Quickly this lead me to began thinking about my own life and some of my current and past issues. Now that I’ve completed the Employability course, I‘m left feeling inspired, fascinated, well balanced with the tools to explore life for whatever it is. That’s all thanks to Jahmil! Jahmil executed the course in a way that, not only will we receive skills, techniques and knowledge for employability, but to be able to look deeper into ourselves for when life throws dirt at us, to be able to shake it off and keep our goals, values and selves moving forward on our journeys. Its been a pleasure!