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About Us

Enhancing Aspirations

Supporting development for positive outcomes.

We are a privately owned organisation with several years of experience gained in welfare to work, adult education, providing careers advice and support and guidance.

Our purpose is to support training providers, welfare to work providers, voluntary and career support services in delivering great courses that inspire and motivate their clients.


Our Objective

To maintain the delivery of quality sessions that engage clients with interactive and fun learning.

To provide the knowledge and skills that give people the confidence to progress, perform, work effectively in organisations and succeed in their future or present careers.

Provide independent, confidential, impartial advice on training, and prepare learners for the world of work.

Play a significant role in encouraging learners to assist with their long term growth, through the design, development and delivery of our service.

Stimulate learner engagement, to shape their future and contribute to their work force goals.

Maintain and develop a professional service, meeting the appropriate standards of our partnering organisations.

Develop and manage an extensive network of partners for the benefit of their clients.

Why use Enhancing Aspiritions Freelance Trainer?

Enhancing AspirationsTraining doesn’t have to be boring, it can be fun too!

Quite often, learners perceive training to be boring where they spend most of the time listening to trainers talk for hours on end. Enhancing Aspirations are most definitely not like this!

We ensure our sessions have a lively mix of interaction, discussions, observation, reflection, written exercises and practical exercises, with comprehensive notes and handouts for delegates to take away. Our trainer keeps it fun and engaging, but not to the detriment of real learning.

Learners often comment that our sessions are fun; they never feel bored; and that they think that they have learnt a lot and can see how the learning benefits them in the immediate and long-term future.

We support the need for Career Growth in your Clients

Developing individuals is not a just a business for us, but a motive to support real learner growth.

Our Trainer

Jahmil Gloster

Enhancing Aspirations considers Jahmil to be one of the best Soft Skills Trainers. He brings a wealth of experience to the classroom sessions with a holistic style of training. He is an expert in his subject matter, as well as having a natural ability to bring out the best in everyone.